Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Furcapoda aitherios

Furcapoda aitherios is named for its forked legs and ethereal beauty. These spectacular creatures never leave the sky because their veins are full of a lighter than air liquid which keeps them eternally airborne. It is said that being int he presence of an aitherios induces feelings of euphoria and that these creatures have no predators simply because not even the most savage beasts are immune to the sight of their elegance. The aitherios are peaceful nectar feeders and will adopt a field or forest of flowers as their territory, and with their hypnotic beauty guard the delicate blossoms from anyone who would harm them.

The Karnicore

These brutal creatures are the apex predators of their home planet, and unlike most predators the karnicore doesn’t just kill for food, but also for pleasure. Karnicores are perfectly equipped to give anything they find a gruesome death. Their massive maws are filled with rows of dagger-like teeth, which are constantly regrowing. The karnicore’s jaws can snap bone, its rancid saliva is full of deadly bacteria and once it sinks its razor claws into its victims it will never let go. The karnicore is truly the ultimate predator of its land; the karnicore fears nothing, but everything fears the karnicore.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Creature of the Week Round 200! Choosing a New Mascot!

First, Happy New Year!

Second, right now round 200 of Creature of the Week is going on, it's a month long and the winner's creature will be the new mascot of COW! There are three different briefs; a creature of the land, sky and air. You can enter one of the three or all three, after the deadline each brief will have it's own individual finals thread, and once voting is closed the top 3 creature designs will be voted on to determine who will be the next mascot. Hopefully I explained that fairly well, it's all explained in greatest detail in the first post of this thread .

This round is going to be a lot of fun especially if there are a lot of participants so if you're at all interested I suggest entering and posting in the WIPs thread! The deadline is January 29th at 9:00pm PST (GMT-8)

So that this isn't a picture-less post here is the WIP of my land beast: