Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kaiju - Pavise

After a lot of hassle with shipping I finally got my hands on the Pacific Rim Blu-Ray I highly recommend listening to the commentary by Guillermo Del Toro it's packed with loads of information about his thought process behind how everything is designed.

Anyway, I took a stab at designing my own Kaiju for the Pacific Rim universe. This is "Pavise", I designed him as a counter to Gipsy Danger's weaponry. His front arms are shields that can block both Gipsy's sword and plasma shots.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wandering Robot

People have become increasingly fearful of the large number of personal robots they have created as they show more and more signs of sentience, violent outbreaks become increasingly common. A well known robot scientist creates a special robot to protect his family while he is away at work. However the housekeeper is an anti-robot extremist and murders the scientist framing the murder on the robot who must now flee to survive. (loosely based on the description of the short story I, Robot)

Circus Giant - Boss Character

Experimenting with a bit more exaggerated character, this guy is the first boss of a dark fantasy game set in a twisted circus. What he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in size and strength. Watch out as any objects in the arena are fair game for him to rip out and use as a weapon.

Stealthy Alien Bounty Hunter

Concept for the playable character of a stealth based scifi game. Think Dishonored in space, sort of.

Character Design - Pirate Captain Kyrylo Shadrova

Been trying to strengthen my character work recently, here is the first of a couple things I've done over the last month.
Kyrylo Shadrova
Of Cossack origin, Captain Kyrylo abandoned the Black Sea for grander ambitions. He now sails the ocean prowling for treasure. It’s hard to say which is sharper, his duel swords or his quick wits. He exudes an air of confidence as he struts across his boat giving commands. He is very unpredictable, one moment partaking boisterously of wine and women, the next, brandished blades ready for a sword fight.