Sunday, August 30, 2009

COW 152

Scientific Name: Demipondus pravus
Common Name: Tongarian Devil
Planet of Origin: Tongar 10
Environment: Numerous Locations

These creatures were first discovered when colonists started mining Tongar 10. The Tongarian Devils lived in a series of caves buried deep bellow the surface. When the colonists accidentally unearthed these horrid creatures they swarmed the surface, devastated the ecosystem and killed many innocent lives. Although only half a pound, and small enough to hold in one’s hand the Tongarian Devils are dangerous because they attack in large numbers. A pack of twenty can consume a human in less than ten minutes Their powerful jaws and teeth not only allowed them to easily chew through bone but also to gnaw through walls, doors, and pipes to get to terrified colonists. Only a handful of colonists could be rescued from these pint-sized terrors, and since then Tongar 10 has been designated a restricted planet. Although some may argue that these creatures were merely acting according to instinct and as such are not truly evil the survivors of the horrible incident, and those who lost family members to the Tongarian Devils will tell you differently.

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