Friday, October 9, 2009

COW 153

Scientific Name: Druas viridescent
Common Name: Viridescent Screechers
Planet of Origin: Glauko
Environment: Numerous Locations

Viridescent Screechers, Green Howlers, Tree Banshees, all are names for the same creature, Druas viridescent. This species owes its nicknames to the female’s ferocious disposition. During the brood season she will claim a rotting log that is soft enough she can easily insert her long ovipositor. Once her eggs have been lain inside she will defend the rotting stump from all manner of other creatures even those much bigger than herself. Females first let out a horrible screeching yell at whatever is bothering them, then if that doesn’t work they will chase, bit, scratch and harass whomever or whatever they have deemed a threat until it goes away. After mating they will even chase males away form their perches, although some young males naively hope to stay around and help raise their offspring they are inevitably attacked and chased away by the belligerent females.

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