Sunday, July 18, 2010

C.O.W. 183 It Has The Traits Of A Flower

Biological Description:

Commonly referred to as flower serpents, six-legged flower mimics, or the thing that bit me on the nose when I tried to smell it. Floridacapitis tentaculata is a species that bears a remarkable resemblance to the flower species Arachnorchis tentaculata (Eastern Mantis Orchid). Six-legged flower mimics will sit motionless on the ground or wrapped around a tree branch with their flower-like heads outstretched. The large yellow glands above the top jaw and and smaller yellow glands located at the corners of the mouth both secrete a scent similar to the flower species they mimic. This attracts insects right into their gaping jaws.

Floridacapitis tentaculata lacks eyes as the front of it's head has evolved into a sophisticated olfactory organ and the spikes on its frill and jaw are able to sense minute changes in air currents, they are even able to differentiate between different species of flying insects based on how their flight patterns effect the air.

These small creatures are not especially aggressive but will most likely bite any nose or finger that gets too close to their mouths before promptly scampering away.

Because of their beautiful flower-like appearance many species of flower mimics are highly sought after in the exotic pet trade, leading some species to become endangered.

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